Newly Married Indian-Voice Your Love

the-beauty-1_lSearching for groom is a daunting task for a girl’s parents. But when the ‘boy’ and ‘girl’  fall in love, without setting eyes on each other, it is a weight off their shoulders. Sheila shares her ‘bride-viewing’  story with us.

Have you fallen for a voice?

Is your husband’s love for you measured in  feet?

Read my story and you will know why I am asking these absurd questions.

When my mom decided that it was time for me to get married, she began her work in earnest. Sons of friends and family, were called to mind, inquired into, probed in detail and rejected. Then marriage brokers were called home. Their list of prospective grooms was scrutinized, short listed and argued upon.

Finally my mom settled on a ‘boy’ whom she thought seemed ideal. Initial phone calls were made. Bio-data were exchanged. Then a day was fixed for the ‘boy’ and his family to come home for the “bride-viewing.”

I was dressed in my best clothes. Tea and snacks were made and the trays and cups were kept ready.5784269-set-of-three-colorful-chinese-tea-cups

The doorbell rang. My mom answered the door. The guests entered our house and introductions were made. I was standing in the kitchen all agog, waiting for my mother’s signal for me to enter the living room to meet the prospective groom. In my house, there was a curtain between the living-cum-dining hall  and the kitchen. I was standing just behind the curtain, eaves dropping on their conversation.

Among all the voices coming from the living room, one voice bowled me over. It was a rich baritone voice, dynamic and confidant, speaking in faultless English.

It was the voice of the groom!

I was captivated. I fell in love with the man, even without catching a glimpse of him. I prayed fervently  that I should marry the man who had such a mesmerizing voice.

That day, my guardian angels worked overtime and every thing turned  out well. Our marriage was finalized and on an auspicious day we became husband and wife.

On my wedding night my husband told me that when he first came to my house, he could sense me waiting impatiently in the kitchen, just behind the curtain. All he could see were two pedicured feet. He told me that he had never seen such beautiful feet before.

He was floored. He decided instantly that I would be his bride.

To my great pride I learnt that my husband’s voice was so good that in the All India Radio Plays, he was often called to essay the part of Jesus Christ Himself.

11835117-microphone-isolated-over-white-backgroundHis voice is still majestic.

As for myself, for the past 35 years of my married life, I have never missed a pedicure appointment. My feet are always clean and my nails polished and bright. When I hear the latest hit song on the Tamil movie, ‘Moonu” (Three) which goes, “Are her eyes more beautiful or are her feet more beautiful?” I feel that they are singing it for me.436390418_e260e143aa_m

 Story by : Sheila –  Written By: Gulsum Basheer@talkalittledo

Photo credit: Henna Sooq / / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo credit: dhyanji / / CC BY-NC-ND

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7 Responses to Newly Married Indian-Voice Your Love

  1. mvshan1 says:

    What a cute story. Hopefully that great baritone voice belonged to a kind and gentle person. I have a sneaky feeling that it did because she seems so happy after 35 years.

  2. muddledmom says:

    This is a great story. I love that she still gets pedicures after all these years. Love what they were each drawn to first. Hope they are both happy.

  3. Yes. Her feet are the cynosure of all eyes. She paints it bright red always even though she is 59 years old. They are a happy retired couple now, traveling the world and having a whale of a time.

  4. TBM says:

    I love it! It’s the little things that we love about people.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I could feel the excitement and tension of bride viewing while reading your story!!! Simply good! And knowing the couple personally makes the read all the more interesting. God bless them both with many more years of blissful life together. They truly are someone you can look upto as ideal couple. And yes!!! She does have the prettiest, well maintained feet!!! Maybe that’s the secret of their happy life… Not to forget these small things which you fell in love with first. Gulsam, waiting for your next story

  6. Anonymous says:

    Awesome Gulsam! I could feel the excitement and tension of the bride viewing while reading the story. And it’s an added bonus when you know the lovely couple too! They truly are an ideal couple and may God bless them with many more years of blissful life together. And yes, she has got the prettiest feet and uncle with his baritone voice is the gentlest person I have come across… Truly a match made in heaven

  7. Anonymous says:

    Very cute story and it definitely brought a wide smile while I was reading it. Thank you Gulsam😃

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